Back to School 2018-2019 Document List

This Back-to-School page was last updated on June 14, 2018. If some of the items listed are not yet available, please check back later as information will be continuously updated and uploaded throughout the summer. An email to parents will be sent when updated information becomes available.

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Los Feliz

. Nordine Bouriche, Campus Director Welcome Letter (tba)
Back-to-School Calendar & Key Dates
. Supply Check List
. Teachers & Staff (tba)
. Important Information
. Extended Daycare Info & Sign-Up Main Campus
Extended Daycare Info & Sign-up ELC
. Lunch Program (tba)
. Intercampus Bus Info & Sign-up
. Campus Map (tba)
. Parent Handbook (tba)

Suggested Summer Reading Lists
. Entering 1st grade list
. Entering 2nd grade list
. Entering 3rd grade list
. Entering 4th grade list
. Entering 5th grade list
. Parent reading list