International achievement

Réussite internationale

Below you will find several important pedagogical publications relating to our middle and high school academics and environment.

Middle school extends from 6th grade through 8th grade. It is a time when students must put to use the knowledge and skills mastered in elementary school. At this stage, students have moved beyond just learning the basics. They are faced with challenging new concepts and ideas.

The middle school curriculum includes many new subjects. Students take between nine and eleven different courses each year. Ranging from Art to Physics, Math to Languages, the program is demanding and requires serious commitment. Students are exposed to many subjects to achieve a balanced curriculum. Courses are taught through a global approach and subjects extend over several years. Each teacher understands that what is acquired at one grade level is used then as a building block for future classwork.

Subjects taught in middle school include French and English Language Arts – both taught at an advanced level (grammar, literature, creative writing, essay structure), Math (French incorporating elements of the American system), Tech & Skills, Physics & Chemistry, Biology & Geology, World History & Geography (taught in both languages), Civics, US History, Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education. Beyond the languages of instruction (English and French), students study Spanish as a third modern language, starting in 6th grade.

At the end of 8th grade, students take the DELF examination (Diplôme d’études en langue française), which certifies their proficiency in the French language.

The International School of Los Angeles is the only school in North America to offer the Section Internationale Américaine of the French curriculum, an official recognition by the French Ministry of Education of the bilingual nature of its program.

Exam Results

DELF Examination Results

Students at the International School of Los Angeles take the DELF examination (Diplôme d’études en langue française). These certificates are awarded by the French Ministry of Education for proficiency in French as a Foreign Language.

The DELF examination assesses the four language skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking skills, and writing skills. DELF Prim is intended for children who are undertaking studies corresponding to the French elementary level. DELF Junior is designed for secondary-level students.

The A1 level recognizes basic knowledge. At this level, the learner can interact in a simple way: he/she can speak about him/herself and his/her immediate environment.

The A2 level recognizes the linguistic competency of a basic user. The candidate can complete simple tasks of everyday life using the most common polite phrases and exchanges of information.

At this level, the user becomes independent. He/she can maintain interaction: he/she can understand and maintain a discussion and give his/her opinion. He/she is capable of dealing with situations likely to arise in daily life.