Records Requests

Demandes de dossiers académiques

Records and Transcript Request Procedure

School records and transcripts can be requested by completing the Request for Release of Student Records Form (PDF).

Note: International Baccalaureate scores and certificates must be requested directly through the International Baccalaureate website.

Parents may also request records by completing forms provided by another school. Forms that are sent to the International School of Los Angeles directly from another school will also serve as official requests in lieu of our request form.

The completed and signed request form must be submitted to the main office on your campus. If the student has withdrawn or graduated from the International School of Los Angeles more than one year ago, the form must be directed to the School Administration office.

The form can be submitted by email, by mail, or in person, using the contact information below. Phone requests will not be accepted.

Records requested for personal reasons will only be sent to the last mailing address we have on file.

The Records Office is not responsible for an incorrect address or incomplete form provided by the requester. It is your responsibility to check your request for accuracy. The Records Office will not process unsigned requests.

Where to send the completed form:

For requests in person, and by mail, please refer to our Contact page and address to “Records.” Completed forms can also be emailed to the addresses below:






Please allow 7-10 business days after receipt to process records requests.


  • Records are considered “official” if they are sent directly from the International School of Los Angeles to another institution.
  • If the parents/students/alumni need to submit the official records themselves, the records must remain in a sealed envelope, with the official school stamp over the sealed back flap.
  • Records are considered “unofficial” if the seal is broken.
  • Records will be sent by regular, first-class mail. If expedited shipping is requested, the requester must make arrangements to pay the fees in advance.
  • Information about Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records can be found here.