LILA Pasadena Web Radio

A series of podcasts by our Pasadena students, hosted by our 5th graders

Emission 1 (animatrice Maurina, CM2)

All in French

– Ephéméride avec les CP
– Informations avec les CM1
– Halloween avec les CE2
– Une chanson avec les PS
– Des devinettes avec les GS
– Rubrique littéraire avec les CE1
– Sortie à la ferme avec les MS

Emission 2 (animateur Sebastian, CM2)

All in French

– Informations par les CM1
– Météo avec les PS/PKE
– Informations sur Halloween avec les CE2
– Poésie par les CP
– Devinettes par les GS
– Sortie à la ferme par les MS
– Chanson des PS

Emission 3 (animatrice Julia, CM2)

All in French

– Informations du monde par les CM1
– Météo des MS
– Halloween à l’école par les CE2
– Jeu de calcul par les CP
– Rubrique littéraire des CE1
– Devinettes avec les GS
– Chanson des MS

Emission 4 (Marc Hosts, 4th grade)

All in English

– Lila News – Iris – 5th grade
– History of Thanksgiving – Philip, Luciana and Christian – 2nd grade
– I’m thankful for… – 1st grade
– Turkey song – Pre-K
– Travel plans for Thanksgiving – Charles et Anne-Marie – 3rd grade

Emission 5 (Dylan Hosts, 4th grade)

All in English

– News : Taylor – 5th grade
– Thanksgiving fun facts : Tom, Aiden et Loli – 2nd grade
– I’m thankful for… – 1st grade
– An old man song – K
– Travel plans for Thanksgiving – Nico et Alynne – 3rd grade

Emission 6 (Louise Hosts, CM2)

All 5th graders

– Infos du monde – Siri et Domitille
– Meteo – Lucy
– Les tendances de la classe de CM2 – Alessandra et Pilar
– Jeu – Grace et Vivian
– Interview – Taylor et Julia

Emission 7 – (Grace Hosts, CM2)

All 5th graders

– Infos sportives – Nayla et Mohun
– Météo – Sébastien U.
– Critique restaurant Ramen – Sébastien R.
– Jeu – Maurina

– Interview – Iris et Isabella

BONUS: Slam – Voyage dans le temps 

Written and recorded by Pre-K & 5th grade students
Performed live at Winterfest 2018: Ces années là

Coffee with teachers podcast series:

The importance of science education

Recorded on May 14, 2018

with Marjorie Decriem,  Julien Rivière, Ignace Lahoud & Greg Matuskiewicz

A meaningful discussion between two parents and two Burbank teachers about why science education is important to all students no matter what path they choose later in life. The podcast focuses on how science can help with developing critical analysis skills that lead to creative exploration of the world around them.


Marjorie Decriem
Marjorie is a seasoned teacher librarian who has shared her expertise in media literacy with our students since 2010. Particularly interested in the creation and use of digital learning tools and the development of young students’ media literacy skills, Mme Decriem is regularly invited to share her knowledge in education-focused blogs and other outlets. Just this year, she has launched a pedagogical web radio, CSInews, in partnership with the Mission laïque française.

Julien Rivière
Julien Rivière earned a master’s in Life, Earth, and Space Sciences and another in Population Biology and the Ecosystem from Université Claude Bernard in Lyon. He also holds a degree in agricultural engineering and an advanced degree from SupAgro Montpellier in environmental management and planning. Passionate about the questions of biodiversity, ecology, evolution, and botanical subjects, M. Rivière shares this passion with our students through his class lessons, experiments, and field trips.

Ignace Lahoud
Ignace is leading the elevate^science at LILA campaign with his wife Isabelle this year. Ignace and Isabelle have been part of the LILA community since 2011. They have two children Anna ‘21 (9th grade) and Max ‘19 (Première S – 11th grade FB). The Lahouds have been involved in various fundraising efforts at the school, including serving as class leaders at Burbank and chairing the Annual Fund for the Burbank campus.

Greg Matuskiewicz
Greg has been with LILA since 2010 when his son Lincoln ‘24 started Pre-K at the Los Feliz campus. Greg served as the PA president for Los Feliz for 3 years and has been actively involved on the elevate^science at LILA campaign this year.