Ecole du Soleil

Five Weeks of French-infused Fun!

Ecole du Soleil is Monday, June 17–Friday, July 19

Get ready for an unforgettable Summer adventure at Ecole du Soleil Summer Camp! We are thrilled to announce LILA’s premier Summer Camp runs from Monday, June 17–Friday, July 19. This 5-week camp will cost $500 per week and will take place at the Los Feliz Campus. La Petite Ecole du Soleil will be open to children entering preschool and pre-kindergarten in the Fall while La Grande Ecole du Soleil will welcome K-5th graders. 

What awaits your child is a daily schedule filled with French classes that are taught by highly experienced teachers (designed for all levels), amazing counseling staff that will create a safe environment for your camper, and an overall fun and educating Summer Camp in a French cultural environment. We look forward to welcoming your little ones to Ecole du Soleil Summer Camp 2024! 

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Welcome Letters will be sent out the Wednesday before the week of your enrollment!

We still have room available for Grande Ecole du Soleil
(Kindergarten–5th grade campers) for Week 3 (7/1-7/15) and Week 5 (7/15-7/19). Email to register!

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Regular Price: $500

*Plus applicable registration fees are taken by the payment platform.
*Please note: No class drops or refunds after Friday, June 7.

Ecole du Soleil
Los Feliz Main Campus
4155 Russell Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

About Ecole du Soleil

Program Descriptions

Click on the link to see the Ecole du Soleil Sample Schedule

Life Skills & Team Building: 
Days: Mondays & Wednesdays
Vendor Contact: Money Management 4 Kids, 2 French Chicks, LILA Staff

Join us at Ecole du Soleil as we take on fun and educational classes such as financial literacy, cooking and teambuilding! In Money Management 4 Kids our campers will embark on a journey with Moo La to open her very own crepe stand in the vibrant heart of Paris, France! This delicious entrepreneurial adventure offers the perfect mix of learning, real-world experience, and the irresistible charm of French crepes. In cooking class, our vendor, 2 French Chicks and our campers will be making savory and sweet dishes that will teach them valuable life skills while correlating with our Summer Camp themes. Our LILA staff will be leading campers through team building activities that will allow the children to work together and make new friends along the way! We are looking forward to a great summer full of learning and collaboration.

French Hobbies:
Days: Mondays – Thursdays
Vendor Contact: SODE

What better way to understand and experience French culture than to live like the French! This summer, in our French Hobbies class, students will learn to play pétanque and compete in bilboquet games. They’ll also visit our on-campus chocolate shop and create their own delicious treats. Guided by our bilingual zoologist and veterinarian, Miss Louise, the students will explore our very own makeshift ZooParc Beauval. This summer promises a delightful blend of fun, culture, and hands-on learning!

French Studies: 
Days: Mondays & Wednesday
Vendor Contact: SODE

SODE’s French Studies class is guided by our experienced bilingual teaching artists. This class allows campers to spend time exploring French culture, creating French cuisine inspired art, learning about the music and sounds of the French Polynesian islands and participating in  exciting rounds of parkour. Students will have the opportunity to learn the history behind some of the most unique French traditions and perform in a French show at the end of the summer!

Digital Arts:
Days: Mondays & Wednesdays
Vendor Contact: SODE

We have fantastic French-inspired digital art projects in store for our aspiring filmmakers. Students will dive into the exciting world of stop motion, creating projects for themes of the Ecole du Soleil, and crafting short stories set in Paris.In our scoring class, they’ll create sound effects and songs for animations, bringing their stories to life. Lastly, our little adventurers will explore wildlife photography, capturing the beauty of the animals and plants that surround us on campus. This summer will be a whirlwind of creative fun and discovery!


Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays 
Vendor Contact: Script School, Coder School, SODE

This summer at École du Soleil, we’re excited to offer a STEAM program with a French twist! For their projects, campers will delve into the Eiffel Tower’s history and architecture, creating their own unique towers. They will also engage in sensory tastings of French delicacies, and dive into vibrant Technicolor science experiments! The children will also be working on an exciting project with our vendors from Coder School, where they will be equipped with skills of creativity, critical thinking (logic, breaking complex problems into manageable chunks), and confidence. During Scriptschool, campers will be able to create their own short films and showcase their amazing talents. It’s going to be a season of discovery and creativity, perfect for young, inquisitive minds.

Arts & Crafts:
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Vendor Contact: SODE 

It is no secret that French artists have pioneered visual art techniques and painting styles that have resulted in some of the most amazing art pieces in history. This summer, Ecole du Soleil campers will explore their creativity with exciting arts and crafts classes! They’ll get to work on a variety of fun and imaginative projects, drawing inspiration from famous French art. From creating beautiful stained window designs to crafting unique 3-D art pieces, campers will have a blast while learning new techniques and expressing themselves. We are excited for a creative adventure filled with diverse and exciting art projects!

French Corner:
Days: Fridays
Vendor Contact: LILA Staff

At Ecole du Soleil Summer Camp, our French Corner class is a wonderful opportunity for campers to immerse themselves in French culture while having fun! Students will get to mingle with other peers and play using their newly acquired knowledge of French language and traditions. Through unstructured play, they’ll engage in activities that promote language practice and cultural understanding in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. It’s a fantastic way for campers to reinforce their learning, make new friends, and experience the joy of French culture firsthand!

French Language:
Days: Mondays – Fridays
Vendor: LILA Faculty

Dive into the joy of French at Ecole Du Soleil, where we offer a vibrant French language class for preschool to 5th grade! Students’ level of French will be assessed and they will be separated into appropriate classes to participate in at least 45 mins of instruction daily. Our program is designed to immerse your little ones in the French language and focus on building a solid foundation. Children will explore new sounds and vocabulary in a nurturing environment that celebrates curiosity and cultural discovery. Each lesson is crafted to cater to young learners, ensuring they have fun while developing essential language skills. Join us for a delightful learning adventure that sets the stage for a lifelong love of languages! 

Paris Olympics 2024:
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays (M-F for Petite program)
Vendor Contact: CBCLA, Captain Kicks

Get ready for an exciting and action-packed summer at our Paris Olympics 2024! We’re thrilled to have our Vendors CBCLA and Captain Kicks. CBCLA will be working with our K-5th graders on a variety of fun and challenging activities, including gymnastics, long jump, and relay races. These activities are designed to build strength, coordination, and teamwork among campers. For our younger campers in preschool and pre-kindergarten, Captain Kicks will lead an array of engaging activities such as relay races, soccer, gymnastics, field games, and volleyball. These sports are perfect for developing motor skills, teamwork, and a love for physical activity. We are so excited for a summer filled with sports, fun, and the spirit of the Paris Olympics! It’s going to be an unforgettable experience for all ages!

Fun Fridays:
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays (M-F for Petite program)
Vendor Contact: LILA Staff

At Ecole du Soleil Summer Camp, Fridays are all about fun and learning! Campers will dive into exciting water play activities, perfect for cooling off and having a blast with friends. Whether it’s engaging in water games, or enjoying some free play in the jumper houses, they’ll have a fantastic time staying active and refreshed. In addition to water play, Fridays will focus on socio-emotional learning through collaborative play. Our activities are designed to help children develop important social skills, build empathy, and enhance their emotional intelligence. Through team-building exercises, group games, and cooperative activities, campers will learn to communicate effectively, work together, and support one another in a fun and supportive environment. We are SO ready for Ecole du Soleil and we hope that you are too!

Summer Camp Themes

Week 1: Une Excursion de la France (A Tour of France)
Dates: Monday, June 17–Friday, June 21

Pack your bags and get ready to embark on a tour of France in Week 1 of summer camp! Children will participate in activities that will expose them to the unparalleled beauty of France. From the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, they’ll get to showcase their creativity and learn about iconic landmarks, and historical facts, and even experience the vibrant music scene of France in unique and interactive ways. 

Week 2: Le Cinéma Français
Dates: Monday, June 24–Friday, June 28

Lights, camera, action! Week 2 of our summer camp is all about the magic of French cinema. 

From the first French movies ever made to the progression of cinema through the years, children will explore the world of film like never before. Our vendor will guide them through the art of storytelling and film production. They’ll also have the opportunity to try their hand at stop-motion animation and learn about film scoring. Campers will create their movies to reflect their French experience. 

Week 3: French Explorers
Dates: Monday, July 1–Friday, July 5

In Week 3 of our summer camp, children will unleash their inner explorers and discover the wonders of French exploration. From boats and airplanes to space adventures, they’ll learn about the great French explorers who shaped history. Special guests will share their insights into space exploration. *Please note that there will not be camp on Thursday, July 4.

Week 4: Une Cuisine Française (A French Kitchen)
Dates: Monday, July 8–Friday, July 12

Get ready for a delicious adventure as we dive into the world of French cuisine. From learning how to make the perfect crepes to exploring traditional French dishes, your child will experience the joys of cooking like a true chef. Our vendor will guide the children through exciting culinary activities. In the morning, they’ll cook up some great French food and enjoy their creations. In the afternoon, they’ll explore the language and culture of France through exciting and engaging activities!

Week 5: Une Nuit à Paris (A Night in Paris)
Dates: Monday, July 15–Friday, July 19

Prepare to be transported to the enchanting streets of Paris in Week 5 of summer camp! This week is all about music, art, and fashion. Children will have the opportunity to create their scents, dive into paper mache art projects, and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Parisian culture. As a culminating activity to our Camp, campers will showcase their work and participate in a Night in Paris event with their families. 

Petite Ecole du Soleil
(Preschool & Pre-K campers: ages 24)

Open to children ages 2-4, who will be attending preschool and pre-kindergarten in the fall. The children must be potty trained and have prior experience in a daycare environment.

The goal of Petite Ecole du Soleil is to introduce the French language through day-to-day activities: greetings, colors, fruits, and days of the week, to name a few. Mornings will focus on the acquisition of the French language. The afternoons will consist of various fun activities including games, arts and crafts, sports, singing, and reading. The program will also help young campers gain social skills.

This program also focuses on social-emotional learning and helps children gain social skills through everyday interactions. Each week children will be introduced to a new theme. The French teacher will plan sessions and activities accordingly and let children explore & learn about the theme throughout the week.

Grande Ecole du Soleil
(Kindergarten5th grade campers)

At Grande Ecole du Soleil, we aim to provide a dynamic introduction to the French language and culture. Through engaging in day-to-day activities, campers will learn essentials like greetings, colors, fruits, and days of the week. Our program goes beyond language learning to emphasize social skills development. Campers will have the opportunity to gain valuable social skills such as communication through everyday interactions and activities. 

Mornings will be dedicated to immersive French language acquisition, focusing on building vocabulary and language skills. In the afternoons, campers will enjoy a variety of exciting activities including games, arts, crafts, sports, singing, and reading, all designed to reinforce the language concepts learned earlier in the day.

Each week, campers will explore a new theme, allowing them to deepen their understanding of the French language and culture. Our experienced French teachers will plan sessions and activities accordingly, ensuring that campers have a fun, enriching, and educational experience at our French summer camp.

Our Staff

Every one of our on-site staff members and activity instructors are committed to providing a high-quality educational and recreational experience for campers. Staff members provide a safe atmosphere where children celebrate and appreciate themselves while celebrating and appreciating others.

All staff are qualified, experienced educators in school and camp environments. All employees undergo background checks and hold CPR and first-aid certifications.


Is there a daily rate?
No, we do not offer daily or half-week rates. 

How to Register to SchoolCash Online (SCO):
Step 1: click

Step 2: Click Register.

Step 3: Fill out your information and the security question and answer.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email, which you will click on the link and it should bring you to the “registration complete” page.

Step 5: Sign in and skip this page by clicking “I don’t want to add a student” under the CONFIRM button.

Step 6: Add Ecole du Soleil item to your cart for purchase based on your student’s age. (Ages 2-4 go to Petite, K-5th go to Grande).

Step 7: Finalize payment to secure a spot.

Step 8: Lastly, please fill out the “MANDATORY Summer Camp Forms” item on SCO for each student enrolled to complete registration.

My child is between 2-4 years old, can they attend?
Children ages 2-4, who will be attending preschool and pre-kindergarten in the fall can enroll in Petite École du Soleil. The children must be potty trained and have prior experience in a daycare environment.

When can I drop off and pick up my child?
While Summer Camp will run from 9:00am–3:00pm, daycare beginning at 8:00am and ending at 5:00pm will be available at no additional charge.

Will there be camp on 4th of July?
No, our campus will be closed and we will offer a modified rate for the week of Monday, July 1–Friday, July 5.

Does my child have to speak French?
No, we welcome students at all levels.

My child does not attend LILA during the school year, can they still attend?
Yes, we would love to expose your child to our premier French Summer Camp, Ecole du Soleil.

For more information about Ecole du Soleil, please contact After-School Activities and Vacation Camps Manager Cristina Fajardo at

Can I purchase one week?
Yes, you can purchase weeks separately. 

Until when do I have to receive a full refund?
You can request to cancel your purchase and receive a full refund before Friday, June 7.

For more information about Ecole du Soleil, please contact After-School Activities and Vacation Camps Manager Cristina Fajardo at