The Endowment Fund for LILA

Le fonds de dotation du LILA

An endowment fund is an investment fund that holds its principal in perpetuity and pays out a portion of its earnings each year to support, for example, campus operations and programs. Endowment investments have dual goals: to grow the principal and to generate income. Our LILA40 Gala, Nuit Blanche, seeded the initial principal of the Endowment Fund for LILA with proceeds and donations from the event. As LILA’s endowment grows with future donations, it will become a significant source of annual income for LILA.

How can I contribute to The Endowment Fund for LILA?

If you’d like to help sustain the long-term financial health of the International School of Los Angeles by supporting the Endowment Fund for LILA, please contact Leslie Galerne.