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Making a pledge to the Annual Fund is the perfect solution for those who want to commit now but fulfill later. If that sounds like a good option for you, please fill out the below form. Once we’ve received your pledge, we will send a confirmation letter. Thank you for your commitment to LILA!

PS- Be sure to note the giving levels below when making your pledge and consider becoming a member of the Lions’ Pride, Founders’ Circle, or Visionaries today.

Leslie Galerne ’97
Director of Advancement

Giving Circles

LILA has three giving levels for our donors to show their support. Pledge today and become a member of the Lions’ Pride, Founders’ Circle, or Visionaries:

> Lions’ Pride: $1 – $1,977
> Founders’ Circle: $1,978 – $4,999
(LILA was founded in 1978)
> Visionaries: $5,000+

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