2018-19 Annual Report

Board of Trustees 2018-19

Iain A. Whyte
Board Chair
Cécile Chalifour
Yvonne Alvardo
Vice Chair (as of 02/2019) / Secretary (through 01/2019)
Susan Jensen Debonne (through 05/2019)
Jean-Luc De Fanti
Marc Gareton (as of 12/2018)
Marionne Epalle
Secretary (as of 02/2019)
Sharyn Kerr
John D. Mickus
Trustee Emeritus
Susan Klaren-Hatzenbuhler (through 02/2019)
Adam M. Weisman, Ph.D.
Trustee Emeritus
Chantal Mariotti
Camille Rizko
Irina Sardaryan (as of 12/2018)
Françoise Sorgen-Goldschmidt

Major Achievements in 2018-19

Largest graduating class in our 40-year history:

Outstanding French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate results with 82% passing with honors, two Felicitations du Jury and one Advanced Bilingual IB Diploma

83% accepted in Top 100 Global Universities with students matriculating to institutions such as the University of California- Berkeley (a total of eight students), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UCLA, McGill University, and many more

$3.4 million in college grants and scholarships awarded

Creation of our first ever endowment, The Endowment Fund for LILA thanks to our 40th anniversary Nuit Blanche gala

$98,000 raised for the Endowment and $37,000 raised for the iPad Replacement Program

More than 300 attendees helped celebrate this important milestone

Hosted LILA40, a school-wide celebratory community event, in October 2018 at our Burbank campus which welcomed 900+ people from the LILA community

Successful launch and implementation of the new five-year strategic plan

Academic Results

100% success on the baccalauréat, with an outstanding 81% mentions (honors) achieved, of which 44% were mention très bien, including two highly-coveted félicitations du jury

89% of students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program (our largest IB group to date) achieved the full diploma (the global rate is 77%)

67% of diplomates achieved the prestigious Bilingual Diploma, including one Advanced Bilingual Diploma, compared with only 24% globally, which is a true celebration of our bilingual mission

26 students have matriculated to Top 100 Global universities including MIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley (8 students!), NYU, USC, and McGill.

68% of the Class of 2019 has matriculated to universities in the USA, 19% to Canada and 8% to France, and 5% to the UK/Europe.

French Baccalauréat

  • 100% Obtained the baccalauréat

International Baccalaureate Diploma

  • 63% Bilingual Diploma
  • 4% Advanced Bilingual Diploma
  • 33% Diploma

Community at a Glance

for the 2018-19 school year

Financials & Financial Aid



  • 86% Tuition & Fees
  • 10% Other Revenue*
  • 4% Fundraising

*Other Revenue: Learning materials & student activities/camps


  • 69% Payroll & Benefits
  • 15% Facilities / Capital Projects
  • 10% Education & Auxiliary
  • 5% Administrative
  • 1% Fundraising
  • 1% Contingency Reserves

Financial Aid

In 2018-19, we were able to provide $1,314,719 in School-funded financial aid. This is a 10% increase in financial aid awarded from the previous year.

2017-18: $1,217,140

2018-19: $1,344,719



Community Highlights


455 inquiries (LA campuses); 493 last year including OC

Applications all campuses: 307

New students: 182 on June 15 (208 today)

244 tours total

Since January 2015, parents of babies and toddlers have had the opportunity to begin opening those proverbial doors for their children. The International School of Los Angeles offers a bilingual French and English program for babies between the ages of 6 and 12 months at our Los Feliz campus and toddlers between the ages of 12 and 30 months old at our Los Feliz, Pasadena, and West Valley campuses.

The LILA Mini Club program teaches French to parents and children in a warm, loving, and supportive environment. Music and playtime activities help children in their language acquisition while parents, some of them learning alongside their children, are able to participate in discussions on their children’s development.

Total number of participants: 45

Total number of sessions: 128 sessions (over 32 weeks)


316 total events hosted in 2018-19, an 11% increase over 2017-18

PA-hosted: 49%

School-hosted: 47%

Student-hosted: 4%

  • PA Hosted
  • School Hosted
  • Student Hosted

Social Media

1,869 likes – 9% increase from 2017-18
 382 followers – 11% increase from 2017-18
 2,621 followers – 3% increase from 2017-18


Additionally, LILA dove headfirst into the world of Instagram (@lilaschoolla) with our first ever post on October 20, 2018. Our presence continues to grow steadily as we share our story.



  • 14 teams with 142 participants overall in HS and MS sports, comprising 114 different athletes (some playing multiple sports).
    • High school: 36 in Basketball; 42in Volleyball; 39 in Soccer; 14 in Tennis; 10 in Running; 1 Swimmer

Los Feliz

  • 5 teams, 62 participants overall, with most of them participating in 2 or more sports.
    • 13 Boys Basketball; 10 Girls Basketball; 15 Soccer; 6 Volleyball; and, 18 Running


  • 2 teams, 43 total participants comprising 34 different athletes, including:
    • 31 Runners
    • 12 Soccer

West Valley

  • 1 team with 9 Soccer players


Although the HS soccer team eventually lost in the playoff finals, the team had a phenomenal season in the CIF International League finishing first in the league’s regular season (prior to the playoffs) and ahead of our primary rival, Le Lycée Français. The team continued strong, having a great winning streak in the playoffs all the way to the final held at LACC, where 200+ fans from both schools were present, then conceding to the winner by only one goal  which happened in a dramatic last minute play in overtime.

Our elementary Los Feliz Soccer Team concluded the season as the champions, after being undefeated all season long in the Valley League.

Our elementary West Valley Soccer Team lost in the playoffs final.

We also started a girls Basketball Team in Los Feliz and a co-ed Soccer Team in Pasadena.

And finally we had our first official High School Tennis scrimmages against Waverly school and our first swimmer representing the school in CIF.

  • 484 students participated in at least one activity per week
  • 74 activities offered per week
  • 1466 spots sold

Camps throughout the year:

  • 287 students participated (October, February and April camps)
  • Ecole du Soleil 2019: 165 participants (PS through 5th) & 515 registrations (full time, part time, single day over the 5 weeks)
  • OC French Camp 2019: 58 participants (K through 6th) & 143 registrations (full time only over 6 weeks)

Annual Fund

2018-19 Volunteer Recognition Cocktail – Annual Fund Team celebrating a record fundraising year

As a part of the School’s overall operating budget, the community understood the importance of their commitment and supported at record levels helping us surpass our fundraising goal of $650,000. Indeed, in 2018-19, our Annual Fund effort raised $663,096 (an 8% increase over the previous year).

Los Angeles-area Campuses Parent Participation: 84%

Burbank Campus: 70%

Los Feliz Campus: 99%

Pasadena Campus: 97%

West Valley Campus: 70%

Orange County Campus: 45%

Nuit Blanche – 40th Anniversary Fundraising Gala

Nuit Blanche, LILA’s 40th Anniversary Fundraising Gala was held at Vibiana on April 6, 2019.

LILA launched its first-ever endowment (The Endowment Fund for LILA) thanks to the spectacular 40th anniversary benefit gala hosted on April 6, 2019 at the historic Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles. The gala was attended by more than 300 people and featured performances from our high school choir, a rousing live auction, dancing, award-winning food from Redbird, and so much more.

As a result, the highly successful event enabled LILA to raise $98,000 for its first-ever endowment fund, The Endowment Fund for LILA. Also, thanks to a fun and competitive paddle raise session, guests gave $37,000 towards our school-wide iPad Replacement Project.

Nuit Blanche Gala Supporters

Anderson Family
AXA Advisors
Bank of The West
Black Box
Compass- Henry & Yu-Ling Real Estate Team
Cruisers Restaurant
First Republic Bank
Garza Family
Grigorian Family
Heidi Merrick
Jacobson Insurance Agency Inc.
January Images
K5600 Lighting
Martirosyan Family
NAC Architecture
Acqua Panna
AEG Presents
American Rag Cie
Anytime Fitness
CO Collections
Conde Nast
Four Seasons Resort Maui
Girl Buy Girl
Heidi Merrick
Hudson Jeans
KILN Apparel
La Cuillere Gourmet
Lefebvre Family
Lena Wald
Lionel Renard Salon
Los Angeles Rams
Louis Vuitton
Mignonne Gavigan
National Geographic
O’Zells Soda Pop
Pam and Gela
LeUyen Pham
Philip Lim
Planet Wine L.A.
Quo Active
Rene & Radka
Rusnak Pasadena Porsche
San Pellgrino
Sienna Naturals Hair Products
Super 78
John Taylor
Adriana Tesler
The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Reckless Unicorn
Elyse Walker
Ferida Argoub-Jardel
Caroline Bakar
Mark Barad & Pascale Faubert
Secil Baysal & Marie-Laure Goepfer
Brennan Family
David Campbell & Marisé Samitier
Adrien Colesberry & Caroline Pham
Cowan Family
Carolyn & Jean-Luc De Fanti
Del Rio Family
Kristina & Christopher Del Vecchio
Philippe Detzen
Devanneaux Family
Sixu Fang & Xiaoxia Li
Graham Ferrier & Kelly Colcleugh
Ruth & John Fleck
Jose & Elisa Garza
Christelle Gaspart
Thomas & Sandra Grande
Julian Jacobson
Jayasinha Family
Ingham Family
Amy Kehoe
Spencer Kelly
Albert Kirk
Louis Vuitton
Marcel Family
Chantal Mariotti
Merle Family
John Mickus
Russell Mohberg
Suren Oganesyan & Anna Gabrielian
Persichetti Family
Ropell Family
Sam Rosenfeld
Damon Russell & Nayiri Partamian
Taylor Family
Ruszkowski Family
Peter Schubin & Rachel Civen
Todd & Jean Sievers
Walbuck Family
Carrie & Iain Whyte
Wilding Cran Family
Todd Williamson
Marie & Austin Wright
Sali & Michael Zimbrich
Stefan Otto & Yvonne Alvardo
Anderson Family
The Brotman Foundation of California
Mia Cottet
Anne Underwood & Jorge Da Rosa
Amanda & Richard Duffy
Filin Family
Fox Family
The Incredible Lunch Ladies
KILN Apparel
Albert Kirk
Marcel Family
Chantal Mariotti
Heidi Merrick
Suren Oganesyan & Anna Gabrielian
Pangell Family
Suzanne Papaian
Paternot Family
Persichetti Family
Nancy Rizko
Ruszkowski Family
Olivier Goldschmidt & Françoise Sorgen-Goldschmidt
Werts Family
Sali & Michael Zimbrich

LILA40 Anniversary Celebration

In honor of our 40th anniversary, LILA hosted a school-wide community event on October 20, 2018. The free event was attended by more than 900 members and friends of the LILA community. Guests enjoyed games, wine & beer, quiches and sandwiches, bounce houses, and more. It proved to be an event that brought our whole community together, setting the tone for the rest of the year.

LILA40 Celebration – LILA Co-founder Pierrette Gaspart with Lionel the LILA Lion

AJ Ramseyer ’14 Annual Memorial Alumni Game

AJ Memorial Game – Alumni with Coach Marilyn Dubón and the Ramseyer family

We once again honored AJ Ramseyer ’14, an alumnus and Lion we lost too soon. As a dedicated and integral part of the LILA high school basketball team, it has become an annual tradition to host the AJ Ramseyer ’14 Annual Memorial Alumni Game, which pits current student basketball players versus AJ’s fellow alumni and former teammates.

On May 24, 2019, the Lions played their third game in memory of AJ. More than a dozen alumni returned to play the game and cheer the players on. Additionally, approximately 50 spectators looked on as we celebrated AJ’s life and spirit.

A big merci to all of our volunteers


Sabine d’Herbecourt
Shelle Higgins Gaucher
Alison Priestley
Taline Saad
Lisa Schulz

Los Feliz

Claire Broussard
Cristal Ricci
Karen Todd
Angelica Vale Padron


Miriam Jin
Brett Lund
Nayiri Partamian
Ann-Marie Rounkle

Orange County

Dimetria Jackson
Faye Karim
Yasaman Olivier
Monica Sargent

West Valley

Tamara Conniff
Emilie Fourcade
Cecile Gronfier
Claudia Kushner


Pascale Bernardberoy
Andrea Bidart
Nadine Bonnet
Mia Cottet
Nicholas de Wolff
Sabine d’Herbécourt
Ann Levi
Sundra Oakley
Marion Paing
Chris Palmieri
Yekaterina Poloskhina
Alison Priestley
Taline Saad
Jackie Weinstein
Teresa Williams-Leon

Los Feliz

Ani Bagdasarian
Zoe Bannon
Dina Benadon
Nadine Bonnet
Shian Brisbois
Claire Broussard
Sarah Chen
Todd Diener
Josey Edwards
Jill Ettinger
Virginie Falcone
Joke Fincioen
Veronica Hoomani
Taji Huang
Minh Le
Fiona Loewi
Eden Miller
Sundra Oakley
Adam O’Byrne
Kelly Pangell
Patricia Perez
Caroline Pham
Sibel Roman
Kayla Rose
Lecia Rosenthal
Randall Scerbo
Kaylie Schiff
Sharon Scott
Bowie Sims
Laura Smolowe
Sabrina Somani
Krista Sutton
Alan Triger
Jeff Vespa Meyer
Katie Wech
Joséphine Wister Faure
Art Zog


Michele Abernathy
Suzanne Black
Ann Donahue
Anne Gifford Ewing
Richard Janeckzo
Nayiri Ketchedjian
Spencer Marstiller
Nayiri Partamian
Alma Quintana
Viktor Raskin
Jeanne Roué-Taylor
Luda Semenova
Julia Sushytska
Yolanda Trujillo
Laurence Viniane
Maria Ziegler

West Valley

Sihem Aiteche
Jennifer Atienza
Tamara Conniff
Jill Courtemanche
Emilie Fourcade
Susanna Gomez
Trisha Gum
Claudine Kushner
Sunida Parkin
Lynn Sharrott- York
Marina Tomazinis

LILA-Wide Chairs

Carolyn DeFanti

Marie-Laure Goepfer


Stephen Salinger

Sali Zimbrich

Los Feliz

Shiloh Filin

Caroline Pham


Tom Greek

Brett Lund

West Valley

Ben & Teresa Rusiecki


Alexandra Andricos

Alice Carr

Carolyn DeFanti

Pat Hadnagy

Justine Halliday

Delphine Hirsh

Peggi Jewell

Ann Levi

Christine Papazian

Gabrielle Pascoe

Gina Pitrello

Sundra Oakley

Vicki Simon

Jackie Weinstein

Salvator Xuereb

Los Feliz

Shian Brisbois

Michelle & Sandy Chila

Monet Corso

Pascale Faubert

Helen Hamber Rhys

Mark Hodson

Veronica Hoomani

Eden Miller

Alicia Moo-Pow

Melissa Nesic

Adam O’Byrne

Gabrielle Pascoe

Michael Shea

Cristal Ricci

Carrie Tayour

Livia Tortella

Paul Zografakis

Michelle Stockwell


Alexandra Andricos

Keri Bissette

Ann-Marie Rounkle

Maria Ziegler

West Valley

Irina Martirosyan-Sardaryan

Lynn Sharrott-York

Marina Tomazinis

Cliff York


Zoe Bannon

Pascale Bernadberoy

Nadine Bonnet

Stefan Brankovic

Melinda Brownstone

Angela Campbell

Valerie Caritoux

Nathalie Chapple

Geraldine Domenghini

Dalia el Sharkawi

Sabine Farran

Jessalyn Gilsig

Justine Halliday

Lory Hansen

Alex Harvey

Peggi Jewell

Valerie Kossayan

Odile Ledoux-Tartaglia

Sundra Oakley

Chris Palmieri

Gabrielle Pascoe

Lisa Schulz

Jamie Vernhes

Carrie Whyte

Salvatore Xuereb

Anahide Yeremian

Los Feliz

Nora Abusita

Lisa Batstone

Kaly Behmard

Elle Bevan

Stacey Boucher

Mia Boylan

Nathalie Bruwer

Michael Burke

Stephanie Casaubon

Michelle Chila

Jenni Clark-Keyes

Sonia Costa

Jason Dabb

Todd Diener

Aryn Drakelee-Williams

Amanda Duffy

Nathalie Eason

Stephen Friend

Veronica Hoomani

Amy Kehoe

Alex Kerry

Jeff Meyer

Carla Moran

Cassandra Morrison

Olivier Mouroux

Melissa Nesic

Stefan Otto

Angelica Padron Vale

Gabrielle Pascoe

Remy Pearce

Patricia Perez

Melissa Pinto

Amy Poncher

Pia Radisich

Robia Rashid

Sandro Reinhardt

Carolina Reistetter

Eden Riegel

Sibel Roman

Kayla Rose

Katie Roth

Sharon Scott

Guillaume Serina

Iyari Soltero-Limon

Erica Swinkels

Jocelyn Towne

Yu-Ling Tse Tse

Mariana van Zeller


Janine Arai

Roxanne Aryafar-Constantinou

Audrey Bernard-Granger

Laurence de Crisnay

Andrea Denny-Brown

Miriam Elewy

Vivian Gray

Luc Harrington

Fabienne Meunissier

Francois Morissette

Ann-Marie Rounkle

Cassia Streb

Amelia Tang

Nijo Watanabe

Angela Wong

Orange County

Julisa Bravo (Bouzid)

Christele Demuro

Imane Dibiche (Elkoustaf)

Nathalie Garçon-Grunberg

Violetta Guerrero (Corcia)

Marion Kozar

Yasaman Olivier

Laurence Pegourie

Rachel Rifat (Dineen)

Dana Rothman

Sandy Rivera (Smith)

Paula Tobon (Akerman)

Tiffany Wilson (Maison)

West Valley

Carla Abboud

Tamara Conniff

Teal Davidson

Claudine Kushner

Irina  Martirosyan-Sardaryan

Monica Nieto Piret

Marina Tomazinis

Delphine Varma

Anahide Yeremian

Jane Ropell – Gala Chair

Sarah Stephens – Auction & Giftbag

Simon Helberg & Sandy Chila – Cocktail Hour entertainment

Marie Wright – Dance performance

Nathalie Chapple – Photo Booths & Decor

Ming-Wei Fasquelle – iPad video

Todd Batstone – Endowment video

Thank you for another great year!

We have made every effort to properly recognize all of our generous donors and dedicated volunteers. If an error or omission has occurred, please accept our apologies and notify the advancement team at development@lilaschool.com.