Our incredible community of LILA parents, faculty, staff, alumni, grandparents and volunteers help to carry out the School’s vision by supporting the LILA Annual Fund every year. Through their gifts, they work together to ensure that the highest quality bilingual education is provided to our students.

The LILA Annual Fund is an unrestricted fund that impacts every aspect of the School, including academics, faculty professional development, financial aid, technology, the arts, facilities, athletics, and more. In addition to tuition and registration fees, LILA’s Annual Fund enables our school to go above and beyond.

Last year, we raised more than $808,000 and reached 84% family participation school-wide. Participation plays a vital role in the success of the Annual Fund. Whether you choose to donate as a member of the Lions’ Pride, Founders’ Circle, or Visionaries, contributions of all sizes are welcome.

We invite you to join all of us who have already given by making your gift today. Every gift, no matter the size, helps.

With gratitude,

Leslie Galerne ’97, Director of Advancement

Giving Circles

LILA has three giving levels for our donors to show their support. Give today and become a member of the Lions’ Pride, Founders’ Circle, or Visionaries:

> Lions’ Pride: $1 – $1,977
> Founders’ Circle: $1,978 – $4,999
(LILA was founded in 1978)
> Visionaries: $5,000+

Top Reasons to Donate…

1. It’s for our students!
2. It helps raise the School’s profile for universities and career opportunities
3. It supports and raises our community as a whole
4. International schools have higher operating costs.
5. We receive NO outside assistance from government sources.
6. 100% Participation is very important.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Annual Fund is a key component of LILA’s operating budget and contributes to every aspect of the School including academics, salaries, facilities, and financial aid. As a rule, independent schools such as ours depend on the Annual Fund to constitute 8% of their budget. Currently, it represents 3% of LILA’s overall budget.

In addition to tuition and registration fees, the Annual Fund allows our school to not compromise on any of our values. Compared to traditional schools, we have higher operating costs: recruiting international faculty, offering bilingual programs, implementing the different requirements for IB, etc.

The answer to this one is pretty straightforward: Annual Fund donations are completely tax deductible. While tuition increases are necessary to keep up with the growing costs of doing business in a major city like Los Angeles, the School works hard to keep tuition affordable to all families, remaining competitive tuition-wise with other LA-area private schools. Gifts from generous families like yourselves help us keep the School attainable not only by keeping tuition hikes reasonable but also by giving the School more funds for financial aid.

Obviously, it is a very personal decision and every family has a different capacity to give. The suggested donation is $2,000 per family. That said, the School understands that not everyone can give at that level. While some can easily give the suggested amount or more, many others cannot. We assure you that every little bit makes a difference and is appreciated.

We offer many options to make giving easy: pledge, check, credit card, wire or stock transfers and even a recurring gift option to spread giving out over a period of time.

Major donors from within our community as well as external supporters need to see that all of LILA’s families, staff and faculty support the School. Fun fact: our Board of Trustees (which are volunteer positions) give at 100% and more than 80% of faculty and staff give every year.

It is a fairly well-known fact that people give to causes with which they have a personal connection. Whether it’s medical research, human rights, animal activism, etc., people give to organizations they connect with. As a parent, you researched and visited many schools before choosing us. Remember the reasons for which you chose LILA and how your child has thrived since they’ve joined the LILA community. Think of it this way: you’re not only investing in your child’s future, but their friends’ too. And if you ask any of our alumni, some of their best friends and professional connections are from their time at LILA.

During their time at the School, your children have benefitted from previous families’ Annual Fund gifts. Because the Annual Fund contributes to all aspects of the School’s budget, your children have inevitably experienced the effects of other families’ donations when they’ve walked into their classrooms, played on the playground, met with their teachers, participated in sports, etc. Giving now ensures that the School your children attended continues to thrive and increases its reputation, making it an important asset during the college and job application process.

Have more questions? Heard some points you’d like to discuss further?

Contact one of your parent volunteers, your Campus Director, or LILA parent and Director of Advancement, Leslie Galerne ’97, by email or phone at (818) 994-2961. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

2023-2024 Annual Fund Statistics

LILA Wide Goal: $800,000

Total raised: $621,280

Updated January 5, 2024

How to Give to the Annual Fund

Gifts to the campaign can be made online using a credit card, by check, via wire transfer, or by making a stock transfer.

  • The most convenient way is to make a donation online using your credit or debit card.
  • You may also write a check payable to International School of Los Angeles. In the memo line write “Annual Fund” and student’s last name. You are welcome to mail checks to:
    International School of Los Angeles
    ATTN: Leslie Galerne – Annual Fund
    1105 W Riverside Drive
    Burbank, CA 91506
  • If you are interested in making a contribution of stocks or bonds, please contact Leslie Galerne ’97 by email or phone at 818-994-2961 to obtain a Gift of Stock Form.
  • For gifts of $5,000 and above, we recommend a wire transfer.
  • LILA employees who would like to make a contribution via payroll deduction may fill out and submit this Employee Pledge Form.

The International School of Los Angeles is a fully self-funded non-profit 501(c)3 school and receives no subsidies from the U.S. or French governments.

Our school’s unique community is a dynamic blend of diverse families. We rely on our community – current parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends – every year during our Annual Fund to help ensure our ability to continue to build and support a truly exceptional education for all of our students. On an annual basis, your tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund ensures the school’s solid financial future.

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