Annual Fund

You are part of our community.

We are excited to launch this year’s Annual Fund. You can read more about this year’s efforts below.

We hope that you will help us in building our community, one piece at a time and give as generously as you can.

Every gift is important. Please join us!sl_khateri

Michele Khateri, Director of Advancement

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This year’s campaign centers around three main themes


    • strengthening our educational offering
    • making our curriculum as accessible as possible through financial aid
    • investing in our teachers
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What I love the most about LILA...

  • the Kids!

    Scott Rickert
    Los Feliz Parent
  • It’s dynamic & creative!

    Aurélie Royer
    PE Teacher @ Burbank
  • The Community!

    Anne Underwood
    Los Feliz Parent
  • Our teachers and Campus Director.

    Paula Akerman
    Orange County Parent
  • The French language.

    Chris Palmieri
    Burbank & West Valley Parent
  • Hard to say, there’s so much wonderful about LILA!

    Pat Hadnagy
    Burbank & Los Feliz Parent
  • The people!

    Doug Maxwell
    Corporate Staff
  • Its multi-cultural education and environment

    Isabelle Lahoud
    Burbank Parent
  • Working together.

    Benoit Smette
    West Valley Staff
  • Wonderful community & high academic achievement.

    Sabra Goodman
    Los Feliz Parent
  • The curriculum!

    April Bain
    Los Feliz Parent
  • That Matisse loves it!

    Lionel Renard
    Los Feliz Parent
  • Helpful teachers and staff, the international community, bilingualism, small classes, and more!

    Candice Taieb
    West Valley Parent
  • I love the strength of the academics & the small size

    Marie Seitz
    Burbank Parent

Top Reasons to Donate


1. International schools have higher operating costs.
2. We receive NO outside assistance from government sources.
3. Fundraising covers the cost of general operating expenses and campus improvements.
4. Fundraising keeps the cost of tuition down.
5. Philanthropy helps fund financial aid and promotes socioeconomic diversity.
6. All  private schools fundraise.
7. 100% Participation is SO important.
8. It’s for our children!
9. It’s tax deductible.

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Gallery of completed projects thanks to last year’s Annual Fund

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2015-2016 Annual Fund Statistics

Updated June 20, 2016 @3:50pm

LILA Wide Goal

Goal 500000$
Total raised to date 450080$


Jean-Luc De Fanti, Chair

Burbank Goal

Goal 140000$
Raised to date 104953$


Delphine Hirsh, Campus Co-Chair
Vicki Simon, Campus Co-Chair

Los Feliz Goal

Goal 160000$
Raised to date 175603$


Carolyn De Fanti, Campus Co-Chair
Jean-Luc De Fanti, Campus Co-Chair

Orange Goal

Goal 60000$
Raised to date 50495$


Christele Demuro, Campus Chair

Pasadena Goal

Goal 80000$
Raised to date 62510$


Cecile Chalifour, Campus Co-Chair
Karine Theard, Campus Co-Chair

West Valley Goal

Goal 60000$
Raised to date 56519$


Christienne Palmieri, Campus Chair