Burbank: The Green Shade Field Project

Merci ! Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who has donated to the Green Shade Field project.

We’ve broken ground!
We will be updating this page as the project progresses.

Updates as of Sep 9, 2016

The project is almost complete.

We’re just missing a few touch up pieces but the field is already being used by students and PE teachers.

Students are already enjoying the shade and the green space provided by the trees and the addition of the pergolas.

Updates as of Aug 16, 2016

Trees are in the ground.
The asphalt is now almost ready to receive the multi-purpose court surface.

Updates as of Aug 9, 2016.

More trees have been planted.
The asphalt for the field is being cleaned, slurried, and prepped.

Updates as of Aug 1, 2016.

We’ve broken ground!
The asphalt has been cut.
Our first tree has been planted, and we’ll soon be planting the others.


Please see the section below for more details about the project.

Enhancing Student Life at Burbank by Providing a Nurturing Environment

The purchase of the Burbank campus has created a number of opportunities to enhance student life for our secondary students.

The Green Shade Field Project will create an outdoor space for students for use in multiple areas.

physical education

The physical education (PE) program is a critical component of the LILA curriculum focusing on students’ well-being through sports and outdoor activities. With a new multi-purpose field, our PE program will not have to rely on costly external locations and our students will be able to exercise in adequate conditions.


With a new multi-sports field, our students involved in the after school athletics program which include soccer, volleyball, and basketball, among others; will be able to host some friendly games. This would allow our LILA Lions to also benefit from home field advantage as they play other teams  from other schools and clubs from the greater Los Angeles area.

recreation & wellbeing

Students at the Burbank campus are often found playing lunchtime intramural sports as well as friendly games during recess and after-school. More green space, more shaded areas, and an appropriate multipurpose playing surface will enable our students to continue being physically active during these times, be protected from the sun, and enjoy being in a nurturing green space.


Our students currently exercise and play on the asphalt extension of the parking lot.


Our students will be able to exercise and play on a fully functional field and track adapted to provide a safe and welcoming space for our physical education program which is an integral part of the School’s curriculum.