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Bringing over 90 years of expertise in music education, le Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris is coming to LILA!

Classes will start on September 10, 2019.

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    Los Feliz Campus:
    Private Lessons:
    Los Feliz Trumpet (Monday)Los Feliz Guitar (Tuesday)Los Feliz Saxophone (Tuesday)Los Feliz Piano (Tuesday)Los Feliz Piano (Wednesday)Los Feliz Piano (Friday)

    Los Feliz Orchestra (Tuesday & Thursday - 4pm, 1-hour sessions twice weekly)

    Los Feliz Dance Group 1 (Monday & Thursday - 4pm, 1-hour sessions twice weekly)Los Feliz Dance Group 2 (Monday & Thursday - 5pm, 1-hour sessions twice weekly)

    Pasadena Campus:
    Private Lessons:
    Pasadena Piano (Tuesday)

    Pasadena Dance Group 1 (Tuesday & Friday - 4pm, 1-hour sessions twice weekly))Pasadena Dance Group 2 (Tuesday & Friday - 5pm, 1-hour sessions twice weekly)

    Burbank Campus:
    Burbank Dance Group 1 (Wednesday - 2pm-4pm, 2-hour sessions)Burbank Dance Group 2 (Wednesday - 4pm-6pm, 2-hour sessions)

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    30 min45 min60 min

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