Back to School 2021-2022

This Back-to-School page was last updated on Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 5:00pm. Please check back often for updates.

Head of School Welcome Letter

We encourage all families to read the Head of School’s welcome letter, available in English here and in French here.

First Day of School Requirements

Please take a few minutes to read our Back-to-School FAQs (in English and French) carefully, and be prepared for the following first day of school requirements for all students:

> Proof of a negative result from a COVID PCR test. The test should be taken within the 72 hours prior to drop-off (i.e. no sooner than Sunday, August 22). If a test proves difficult to procure in the 72-hour window, LILA will accept tests taken up to 96 hours before drop-off (i.e. no sooner than Saturday, August 21). Should your child(ren) start back in-person after the official first day of school, proof of a negative PCR COVID test taken no more than 72 hours before drop-off will be required that morning.
Keep an eye out for communication from your campus regarding specifics for submitting test results.
> Filled out daily student health screening form
> Temperature checks at drop-off

Important Travel Reminders

LILA follows the CDC’s guidelines. Any unvaccinated student who has travelled out of state will not be allowed to return to campus without having observed the mandated quarantine period:
a) Without testing, or if tested positive: 10 days.
b) With a negative viral test result: 7 days.

Full details of the quarantine requirements can be found in this Back-to-School FAQ document.

Campus Resources

Burbank Documents

. Anneli Harvey, Campus Director Welcome Letter
(Please refresh your browser window to see updated 08/11/2021 document with links for online back-to-school meetings.)
. Campus Office Team Contact Information (coming soon)
. A Guide to 6th Grade at Burbank
. Campus Map
. 2021-2022 Parent & Student Handbook
. Intercampus Bus Info & Sign-up Form

Mandatory Summer Reading Lists
. English & French Summer Reading

Summer Homework
. Entering 6th grade homework

Supply Checklists
. Entering 6th grade supply list
. Entering 7th grade supply list
. Entering 8th grade supply list
. Entering 9th grade supply list
. Entering 10 FB supply list
. Entering 10 Intl supply list

Los Feliz Documents

. Back-to-School Schedule & Key Dates
(Please refresh your browser window to see updated 09/08/2021 document with change to 2nd & 5th grade back-to-school nights: now taking place Monday, September 20.)
. Preschool & Pre-K Supply Check List
. 2021-2022 Parent Handbook
. Intercampus Bus Info & Sign-up Form